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Facebook vs. Instagram - Which is best for you?

As anyone who uses Facebook and Instagram will tell you, the two platforms are quite different. That's why so many users still maintain accounts on both of them (including me). You may already be aware of the fact that Facebook owns Instagram which has caused some marketers to view them as a single entity. You know who they are... they are the ones that post to Instagram and then SHARE that exact post TO FACEBOOK. This is a lazy marketing practice for so many reasons. If it works for you, kudos, if you have no idea whether it does or not, please stop!

In this post I am going to share the main differences between the two platforms and why you shouldn't be busting your ass with trying to be profitable on both if you don't need to. I am also going to share how each platform works and maybe doesn't for my business. As a BONUS you will find a chart at the bottom of this post outlining 4 criteria that will help you decide which platform is best for you and your business. Happy reading, I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


First up, we are going to talk about Facebook. If you use it for your Business, tag your page in the comments so I can give you a follow.

Facebook PROs:

1. It has been around longer, resulting in more users.

2. All ages use it (the majority are 30+).

3. It has better privacy settings.

4. It was first created for you to connect with friends & family.

5. It has better networking features (communities, groups, events, etc.)

6. It can be used effectively on a computer (this is HUGE for my business)

7. You get to choose what you want to see and what you don't in your feed.

8. Its AD center is the bomb .com.

9. It is informational based.

10. You have more options when it comes to what to do with a post (like, share, comment).

Facebook CONs:

1. It is tough as hell to find your ideal client(s).

2. ADS have taken over our news feed.

3. There are 100+ ways to engage with content, leaving it less simple than Instagram.

I LOVE using Facebook for my business because I love to curate content. My posts aren't always original, they are sometimes shared from other pages who share the same niche as I do. My posts showcase what I do as a Social Media Manager and a little glimpse into my clientele. I love that I don't have to find the perfect image for my posts like I feel I do for Instagram. The thing I love most about Facebook is the sense of community and the opportunity to promote my business in an easy, authentic way through the use of Groups and Events. Facebook comes naturally to me as it's the platform where my love for social media began.


Next, let's look at Instagram. Again, if you use Instagram for your Business, tag your profile in the comments so I can give you a follow.

Instagram PROS:

1. It appeals to a younger demographic (think teenagers & those under the age of 30).

2. Users are more engaged.

3. Content is 100% images or short videos.

4. It focuses on capturing moments instead of data/information (like Facebook).

5. It is simple to use.

6. It limits engagement to a like or a comment (causing higher engagement rates).

7. You get to show your personality more through live video (stories).

8. You can search for your ideal client using #hashtags.

9. You can share your Instagram post to Facebook (be careful though, see #1 below).

10. It is a better platform to promote your website #linkinbio.

Instagram CONs:

1. Content that works on Facebook doesn’t always translate well to Instagram (and visa-versa)

2. You can't add clickable links to your posts.

3. Branding is necessary to be some-what successful.

4. Its reporting measures are awful, unless you pay for an outside APP.

5. Instagram is a visual platform meaning your images have to be gooooood. You have 6 seconds from the time someone taps on your Profile to them deciding to tap follow or not. Your feed is the #1 reason people will choose to follow you.

6. Instagram Stories are taking over the world.

Instagram is a struggle because it is always changing. My clientele is in the 30+ range so I am finding it a little difficult to connect with users on Instagram. After having my account for just over a month, I have decided to take a different approach to it. I have decided to make it my creative outlet. I love searching for feeds that inspire me, I don't care what that profile is selling, if I love the way the grid looks I will tap follow. I am hoping my profile/grid inspires others in the same way. I also want to ensure that I am sharing my creative process with others and plan to begin curating my content in a way that tells a story for my followers so they can see/follow the journey from start to finish.

If you read #6 above under CONs you aren't reading it wrong. Instagram Stories are taking over Instagram so if you aren't strategically and consistently posting to them you are missing out BIG TIME. I, for one will watch Instagram Stories before I will scroll my feed, honestly, because I care more about the person behind the scenes than I do the pretty images (again, why I am drawn to Facebook).

Now, how do you choose which is best for you? It is rather quite simple actually, as a business owner you need to know who your IDEAL CLIENT is and where they hang out! Let's face it, the product you're selling isn't for EVERYONE even though you think it is. If you have no idea who your ideal client is, you need to e-mail me right now so that I can help you determine who you are posting for to maximize your sales and social media efforts. In the meantime, this quick little chart below will help.

Which column had the most circles for you? Do you agree with that result?

I would love to hear your results, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Thanks for popping in, c-ya next Tuesday!


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