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How I reached 20,000 more profiles on Instagram in 7-days.

From March 10 - 16 my personal Instagram account @brennapieper was seen by 7,464 followers.

From March 17 - 23 that number jumped to 27,349! An increase of 19,885. How?


Let me explain how I proved that Instagram Stories was the reasoning. First, let me tell you what it is I use my personal account for. I am a #silvericingstylist meaning, I sell clothing. The best part of belonging to this company is, they release new product every single day. I use Instagram to showcase those items as well as share my own fashion and give women tips on how to dress their body shape. I do this mostly through Stories.

To truly put this to the test I tracked two things for 7-days:

1. How many times I posted to my Instagram feed.

2. How consistent I was with my Instagram stories.

MY GOAL was to post to my feed at least once a day and to my Instagram Stories at least 10.

Here are my findings:

From March 10 - 16, I posted to my Instagram feed a total of 0 times! I didn't even post once! I did post to stories but only the Silver Icing items launching each day... sometimes. I wasn't consistent with either which resulted in a low number of 'views' to my content (obviously).

Then, I really buckled down on my goal. Remember, post to feed once a day and to my stories 10.

From March 17 - 23, I posted to my Instagram feed 8 times, and was consistent with my 10+ Instagram stories per day. I finally had people reacting to my stories AND orders were placed on my website from people who said they found me on Instagram.

The Moral of this post is this. When it comes to getting engagement on Instagram, engagement that turns into sales, CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Sharing your products, and yourself using/wearing those products is a game changer. Be you, be consistent and the rest will fall into place.

Thanks for stopping by, see you next Tuesday.


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