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Welcome, to the Social Lounge.

Starting your own business is SCARY AF, right? Starting an online business where your success relies on your ROCK STAR ability to sell your product(s) using graphics and witty wording is the scariest. I imagine most of you stumbled across this page because you might be struggling. Struggling to get the likes, the engagement, and the reward that those in your industry before you promised would happen.... all you had to do was, share your story. Sound familiar?

Don't worry, I've been there!

I was a network marketer for 3 years with a well-known company called, Team Beachbody. A company that promotes health and wellness through diet & exercise. I had to share my story online with total strangers, most of which, was done by posting photos of myself in my bathing suit talking about why I didn't ♥ my body (posts like that proved to get sales). No one from that company taught me what to say, what to take pictures of, or how to grow my team using social media other than, I needed to randomly become friends with at least 5 people on Facebook PER DAY to 'grow my network'. IT SUCKED! Facebook was a place for my family and friends to stay in touch, not for complete strangers to see into my personal life.

At first, I found myself comparing my business to those in the network that were better at it than I was, they were a part of the 'millionaires club'. This led me to literally copy their business plan. I was posting what they posted with the most amazing filters to show off my ripped abs, using words they used and in all honesty, trying to be them and have their business success without doing my own work. I always thought, if what they were doing worked to make them successful in this business, then it surely had to work for me too right? WRONG!

It wasn't until I sat down and determined who my IDEAL CLIENT was, that my business really took off. Every single post I created from that point forward solved a problem for that client. I eventually ran my business as if I was talking to myself, my unhealthy, lazy self. Posting openly about my struggle's and my triumph's allowed people to get to know me. Posting about those things daily allowed them to trust me, and keeping consistent with my journey eventually prompted them to buy from me.

If I would've been trained with what to share, how to share it, and how to truly identify my ideal client within my business shortly after joining, my experience as a network marketer in the health and wellness niche would've been soooo different! Instead, I ended up burned out and tired of trying to sell myself. Let's be real, I quit that company and decided that I wanted to help others in more hands on way. This lead me to, Brenna Pieper Social.

Let me tell you, there are ways to get what you want in the online world, and I am here to help!!

The Social Lounge is a place for me to guide you on becoming better at social media, but that isn't the goal. I always say this to my clients:

This is a place for me to share everything I know, and have yet to learn with you.

I love social media, and understand that for most, it is confusing and hard to navigate. I ask that you let me do all the heavy lifting. Everything I share here will be tried, tested and shared by my team. I won't share anything unless I absolutely know it will bring you success. Deal?

Oh, this is going to be fun!

Chat with you NEXT TUESDAY!

xo B

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